Fix your Macbook power adaptor – DIY style, but easy!


An inherent problem of Macbook and Macbook Pro power adaptors is that the cable tends to fray and after more usage, it will cease to work. Reinforce your cable with this quick DIY fix that will help you extend the life of your power supply.

25 thoughts on “Fix your Macbook power adaptor – DIY style, but easy!”

  1. Dude, have you ever heard of heat shrink tubes?

    Your “invention” will put more tension on the wire and will just make it brake faster.

  2. Hi Alex, i need repair instructable for a cord that is completely frayed. Have you done this?

  3. Hey Alex, that’s a nice fix.

    They really need to fix the design of these connectors… the same thing happens to their USB iPod cables. Hopefully everyone sending these back for warranty replacements will eventually force a change, but for those of us beyond our warranty period, this is a great fix.

  4. simply* and about 2 days* btw. 😀 and any other typos I missed, sleeping not so well lately LOL :P.

  5. also, it took about 1 hour 45 mins 2 days later (this happened on late sunday / early morning and I simply did not go until Monday, to have it replaced. They even offered to fix my cracking macbook shell (still under Apple care, mind you), and I will do that after backing up all my music on another computer so I can continue listening to it while its in for repairs. My cord was unfixable at least to me. Anyhow, I love macs!

  6. Apple care is really good. My cord fried bad at the spot you are fixing, and it fried so bad that when I went to wrap it, it snapped right off! When it happened, my whole mac turned off and I thought the whole mac was a goner! But I simple restarted it/pressed the power button and it kept running till the battery came back. The new cord now has 2 new features 1) it has a thicker end where he is fixing it and 2) the plug in/where the magnetic thing is it runs parallel to the macbook. Apple pwns!

  7. hey backpackr – it’s been a year since this vid, but I just wanted to point out that if you’re still hackintoshing, it’s a great year for mobile osx86 – I’m running an asus g51vx-rx05 i bought from best buy – fully working hackintosh – 100%. I even run mac games smoothly with the built in nvidia 260m, 4gb of ram, and a terrabyte of hd space (2 harddrives). it’s perfect for mobile work, and rendering. Love Malaysia, hope to return there, I live in Bahamas at the moment. Cheers!

  8. this never happened to mine but my pet rat amber chewed it so i had to buy that new one

  9. Here’s a new macbook accessory that will also help in overcoming this issue: macbookpowercurl(dot)com

  10. Lol HP and Dell make good cords. Lol thats why I have friends that bitch about them having to get new power cords all the time.

  11. is this a joke ? this “fix” isnt going to survive long, geez, was hoping you had come up with something more permanent than this band-aid. Its true that the strain relief design on these units was flawed design to begin with, but essentially all this fix will do is move the problem to the end of the IDE cable in about 6 months or less. The entire cable should have been made much thicker/stronger ala the HP and DELL power supply cubes, which dont tend to experience this issue.

  12. I had this happen to my power cord at both ends. these adapter cords are not sturdy at all!

    I fixed mine with black electrical tape and it works for now but looks like crap. I may use the video’s technique on the new adapter as a preventive measure on the new one.

  13. Do need to murder an old IDE cable?

    Looks like electrical tape would work fine.

    Fantastic video!

  14. Thanks Alex, just Googled to shop for a new power cord and saw your DIY video. I’m at work, so I grabbed electrical tape instead with 2 zip ties and fixed the break in the cord in the same spot as your video. You saved me $69 for now. Thanks man.

  15. @ matthewlking – say Matt, how do you plan to get the heat shrink on to the cable? Over the bulky plug or the ‘power brick’. I like your thinking though, just not practical.

    If it were me, I would very carefully grip the outer insulation at the middle of the power cord with one hand and then with my other hand, pull the outer insulation towards the ‘brick’ until the grey cable disappears inside the little support sleeve. A drop of glue as it goes in should keep it there.

  16. There goes your nice, well designed, adapter. Looks like crap now, there are probably thousands more ways to do this without it looking crap.

  17. You would think Apple would have picked up on this flaw a long time ago. Although, at $80 a pop, maybe they do know. AMIRIGHT FOLKS???

  18. My one broke i have 9 minutes left before my lap top dies. My computer is not under warranty any more!


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