Samsung TV Repair- PART 1 OF 2


This is a video HOWTO on repairing common power-up failure on Samsung 52 flat screen flat panel LCD television. This video demonstrates how to remove back panel of display, remove power supply board, and replace faulty power supply electrolytic capacitors using a soldering iron.

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  1. This worked!!!!!! We replaced 4 of the capacitors for 4 1000uf 16v which i got from Allied Electronics overnight. It was exciting! ( we had never even soldered anything before, let alone open the back of a TV). We bought the soldering tool and solder, practiced a bit beforehand, and followed the instructions exactly. I am so grateful to you for posting this video. It saved us time money, and was a great learning experience for me and my kids.

  2. I have the LNT 4665F and had to replace 2 of the 2200uf 10v 105 degree capacitors.

    Could not find them at Fry’s or Radio Shack. Ordered online at Amazon, they were 1.90 each.

  3. Can you tell us where you found them? I have a LNT4665F and have the same issue. Hubby has electronics experience, but a bad back so we only want to take it down once. I’m trying to figure out exactly what capacitors I need to buy ahead of time.

  4. @robblac

    The guy is taking time to show other people how to repair their expensive TV’s that would otherwise end up in a landfill…

    His knowledge is passed on to others so they may gain as well…. FREE OF CHARGE. If only all of society was like that.

  5. I posted a video response to this video with a problem of my own. Can you help me by viewing the video and telling what I can do? Thanks. 🙂

  6. Buy a SHAMSUNG JUNK TV and you have to learn how to fix it or pay big bucks.

  7. Hi i am a 56 year old woman my husband is in a wheelchair after watching your video we felt we had nothing to lose by trying this we did the steps and it took us about 1hr to fix this we had no problems at all and we just want to thank u so much for help

  8. Thank you very much! Milo did a great job. I followed your and Milo’s instructions and had my TV fixed in a matter of minutes.

  9. @robblac You FAIL! This guy is only trying to help people here and i’m sure he’s saved people a few hundred $,£ or whatever, including myself.

  10. @JeromeS101 I ordered the 1000uf ones aswell only to find I needed the 2200uf caps when I opened the tv up.

  11. repaired Samsung LN46B650A. Had two bad 1000uf 25v 105. Replaced those and two 1000uf 16v with 1000uf 35v 105’s
    Works great. THNAKS FOR YOUR HELP!

  12. the fact that you reffer to yourself as “the proffesor” and you named your son milo..means i have little or no respect for you..FAIL!

  13. FYI check your capacitor size before you order. My daughter has a model LN-T4671F. I ordered the 1000 mf capacitors and when I opened it up it had two 2200 mf 10 volt caps that were puffed out.

  14. I ordered the caps from Newark Electronics at 16cents each. I ordered enough for all three of my Samsung flat screens. This video saved us hundreds of dollars in repair costs. I used to repair TVs 20 years ago. Thank you for making the video.

  15. Thank you so much for making this video! Our 2 year old 46″ Samsung LCD started having this clicking problem then all of a sudden it just won’t power on anymore! We are out of warranty & repair shops wants $50 just to diagnose it &we’ve read that it will cost us the price of a new TV to replace the motherboard! Showed the video to my hubby &he was able to fix our TV! Radio shack did not have the right capacitors so we had to order online & after replacing the bad capacitors, our TV turned on!!

  16. nice vid…i have a maxent 42 inch plasma. my problem is i have white lines running across from top to bottom. how can i fix this?

  17. thanks for this vid man i replaced two caps in my samsung 40 in and its now workin as good as new….

  18. awsome video i have just replaced 4 of my capacitors rated at 10v with 16v now my samsung 42 inch hd tv is working now thanks.

  19. HI I was hopping you can help me with a question. half way through the video when you say, if you take a look at the bypass section of the power supply. there are 3 tall slim and Blue things in the mids of the capacitors that you are changing out. I need help Identifying them by name so I can replace them I can post a pitcher of your Bord with them circle if it will help

  20. Thank you so much for posting this video.. I had never done anything like this and I was able to fix my Samsung flatscreen for about 20 bucks. Well done!

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