UPS Software: Manage your Power Supply while you are Away

Running the server while you are on battery can be futile for your battery life in long run. And try to shut down the server each time you are switched to your batteries can be futile for your health and your career! Yes, power cuts put your office computers on UPS(s), if you have connected the server with UPS expect a massive cut down in the performance of UPS. UPS software automatically detected all activities of UPS just like battery low and UPS utility failure.UPS software are developed with the latest technologies and easy to install. So it’s essential to control your servers through some kinds of software that know when to cut them off the power supply to extend your UPS running capacity. There are several UPS software(s) that work for you in this regard.

More about UPS Software

UPS software is actually monitoring software that controls the functions of your server completely. You can operate all your servers from single PC only, as excess as 100 servers can run by it. Closing down your server through these UPS software will maximize your battery run time. You will also be able to support the critical servers/ network and communications equipments. Expect this UPS software to run with several types of operating systems in complete sync and compatibility. This UPS software use common communication protocol (TCP/IP) to standardize the management and monitoring across widest possible range of operating systems and software. You can also customize the UPS software according to the user for event scheduling and networking broadcasting.

Plus points of using UPS software

SNMP or else UPS software is used to integrate SNMP agent to send all the UPS information and generate traps. This helps user to integrate and manage the UPS with compatible SNMP management platforms such as Novell mange wise, HP open view and IBM Net View. Apart from all these goodies you can also monitor the temperature and leak detection etc. With UPS software you can get unattended controlled closedown, user customization, multiple server handling, remote management and SNPM. To know more about this software and where can you buy one you need to search the net. There are many online service providers who not only provide you the UPS software but also UPS(s), generators and their repairs and timely services etc. You simply need to order online and expect their services round the clock!